Dave Schachter


Directed, Edited and Produced by Dave Schachter

Produced by the Epilepsy Foundation

Length: 17 minutes

Year: 2015


Following her son Kevin’s epilepsy-related death in 2001, Patricia Barnes thought her life was over. Then one day, she awoke with the urge to create a series of stained glass pyramids never having made one before. Thirteen years and twenty pyramids later, Trish has decided to complete the final piece and move forward from her loss. A story of healing through creation, 'Last Pyramid' will chronicle Trish’s journey from tragedy to triumph as she finishes her final tribute to the life of her child.

Select Festivals

Independent Film Festival BostonCamden International Film Festival, Maine International Film Festival, Virginia Film Festival, Awareness Film Festival, Guam International Film FestivalNorthern Virginia Film Festival *(Film of the Year, Best Documentary Short 2015)